Empower Network: Get Leads, Make Sales and Don’t Be A Wussy!

The reason I am with Empower Network is not just because I’ve earned over
$10,000.00 with them online, although that is certainly reason enough.


It’s not even just because of their commitment to show ANYONE who is serious, coachable and unstoppable how to actually make 100% residual, affiliate commissions on a daily basis.

But it’s also because of messages like this one from our founders. These guys are doing all they can to help us sell stuff and get paid, and as you can see from his message below and my image above, it is WORKING!

A Note From David Wood

I’m going to make this short, and sweet.

I just wanted to tell you why I think Empower Network is Badass.

It’s because of the people.

For example, Dave Sharpe and I were focused today on putting together some of the ‘core infrastructure’ to take our team to earning $100 million in commissions in the next 12 months, and left all the marketing, promotion, and ‘strategy’ to a few of our leaders – before I tell you who they are, let me tell you what happened:

8 people made over $1,000.


Simple. They followed the assignments that Tracey Walker, Tony Rush, and Aaron Rashkin gave in our private team Facebook Group.

I just wanted to thank you guys who put your heart into this vision, of helping more people make money FASTER than any company in our niche’s history.

Tonight, I’m going to paint out how to create ‘sales magic’ that will make your business grow
ten times faster than ever.

This is actually part #2 of the series we started on Monday
(replay here http://ustre.am/:1rLcI )

Tonight, you need to click this link at 9pm EDT

Here’s how to capitalize on what we’re doing tonight:

1) Get in now, with this special link

2) You’ll get a ‘special invite’ to our Facebook group in your welcome email. When you join our group, you’re going to get assignments all day tomorrow from people who know how to help you get sales.

Follow the assignments, and we’ll help you create the magic.

Here’s an example of a guy who has always done his best, struggled, and then just decided to get ‘all in’ – and what happened (read the whole thread):

* You can click on the image below to join.

How would you like to have that kind of support, encouragement, and community?

How would you like to have simple, daily marketing assignments that actually work?

Are you ready to get 100% commissions?

How easy is it? Just do what the leaders teach – and you can get there.

Want to know how to do it fast and easy?

I bet you would like to see the full assignment Tony gave here:

Here’s the magic though:

It’s not just the group. It’s not just Dave Sharpe and myself making all the money.

It’s people just like you.

Here’s a pick of how much money people have made just with Empower Network this
month (this is from 3/1/2012 – 3/27/2012):

Lol. That’s awesome.

Look, if you’re not in yet – get in.

All you have to do is:

1) Don’t be a wussy, and just get in.

2) Get ‘all in’

3) Get in our Facebook Group.

4) Follow the assignments.


Can you do that?

I think so, too.

See you tonight.

-David Wood
“Rogue Marketing Psychologist”

David sent this message just before the second session of his series on how
to get massive leads and how to get them to convert to leads. The link to part one
is listed in his copy above. To watch the replay from the message go to:


You can catch them LIVE this Friday at 9 pm est at the same link above.


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